If you are getting tired of boredom or are looking for a new hobby, then we have something new for you then. 

Don’t worry this one is not like those usual hobbies of reading books, gardening, exploring etc, this one is all about fun, entertainment and staying healthy as it keeps you physically fit as well and if you are a fan of airsoft guns, then you will love this even more.


Yes, I am talking about airsoft games which is a great outdoor sport.


Airsoft guns are not only restricted to some target shooting or pulling off pranks on people, but you can also indulge yourself in different tactical and adventurous scenarios which are simulated of course and not real but trust me, they do feel real. 

Airsoft guns when combined with these highly realistic looking mock scenarios, gives you the fun and feeling of absolute thrill and action.

The best thing about airsoft games is that you can hang out with your friends as it is a game that is to be played in groups. Airsoft games are the best sport that one can play outdoors and there is no competing with them. 

There are so many types of airsoft games that you can play. I myself, am a great enthusiast of airsoft guns and a great fan of airsoft games as well. When I was young, I used to play a few airsoft games with my friends in our backyards. 

It was fun to play tactical games there and mostly we used to play cops and robbers with our airsoft guns. But then, we got bored with it may be because the place got too small for us or maybe because we grew up and so did our definition of fun and adventure. 

My friends and I started to up our game and started going to nearby forests and outdoor areas away from the usually busy streets of the city and played airsoft there. 

It was such fun, we discovered and explored the wonders of forests and new places and spiced up our airsoft games as well.

It was simply awesome and by the time we turned eighteen, we were outstanding airsoft players and our knowledge of airsoft guns was at an expert level. 

We started going to fields that were designated especially for airsoft and now we were playing with other teams in a proper simulated environment and we played our first airsoft game there, only then we knew what we were missing. 

It was simply awesome as if it was real. We have had lots of fun before but it was nothing compared to this one. This seemed real, we wore proper attire, carried our best airsoft guns, wore protective gear and played. 

So, yes there are different types of airsoft guns and each one of them will give you a different type of fun and entertainment. 

Let us have a look at the ten most popular airsoft games that you should definitely play if you consider yourself an airsoft enthusiast.

Airsoft Games

1- President

President is a very common airsoft game and is also known as Escort. The main idea of this game is to protect a person and take him/her to a safe spot while the other team tries to kill that person. 

That person being the president is not armed o very lightly armed. However, it is the duty of Team A to keep him/her safe. And of course, you need airsoft guns for this, with the help of which 

Team A sets out to take the President to a safe desired spot and team B sets out to kill the President. Whichever team completes its mission, wins the game. Quite simple. Right?

2- Medic

Medic is one of the most popular airsoft games and it is interesting as well. There are two main principles of this game. The first one is to kill the medic of the opponent team and the other one is to kill all the players of that team as well.

The medic as we all know is the person who heals people so if he is down the team players will not be healed and will start falling one by one. 

Medic is like Deathmatch in a way that you have to kill all the members of the opponent team in order to win the game but the only difference between the two games is the presence of a medic. 

Protecting the medic and keeping him/her safe is the key to success here as the medic is solely responsible for keeping the team members alive. This is why the medic is not armed at all or very lightly armed because he/she does not need airsoft guns. 

Metal airsoft guns are carried by all other members of the team who kill the players of the opponent team and also protect their medic.

The medic sets out to heal the players of his team who are injured or taken down. The player heals and is back into the team as soon as the medic gets to him or her. 

So, yes this whole game revolves around the medic and if the medic of the team is down, then the chances of the success of that team get very very low. 

This is because the game ends when all the players of a team are taken down by the other team and not on the death of the medic. 

However, you have no chance to get back the taken down players back into the game and if there is no medic, then you start falling one by one.

3- Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is one of the most common airsoft games and it is widely played as well. There are two teams in this game and each team has its own base where its flag is placed. 

The task of both teams is one and that is to capture the flag of the other team. 

Sounds simple, right? But in fact, it is not. Capturing the flag of the other team means that you have to enter the base of the opponent team and fight your way in, keeping in mind that the other team is also equipped with airsoft guns and will take you down which you get you out of the game of course. 

So, yes you have to be very very careful as once all players there will be no one to capture the flag and the other team will automatically win. The flags are of two different colors and are not hidden but are placed in an open area from where everyone could see them. 

There are two versions of this game, “Live Flag” and “Dead Flag”. In “Live Flag”, once the person who is carrying the flag is shot down, another player can pick up the flag run off to his/her base. 

However, in “Dead Flag”, once the person who is carrying the flag is taken down, the flag dies with the person and the flag has to be returned to its team’s base and the game starts from level 1.

4- Cops and Robbers

Being a kid, this game was one of my favorite. Even when I was not allowed to have good and big airsoft guns by my parents and I had to play with those cheap small spring assisted airsoft guns, I used to play this game so much with my friends. 

The backyard fun I mentioned above? Well, it mainly comprised of this particular game, cops, and robbers. But now, when I play this game, I play with more advanced guns having premium quality and realistic features which adds more to the thrill and action of this particular game. 

So, if you are the one who would like to do some good and take the robbers down, do give this game a shot.

5- Risk

This game is also one of my favorites as it is slightly difficult to play and requires more airsoft skills than other games. The players are divided into four teams in this game. The teams are named after the four basic colors known as Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. 

The sole task of each team is to capture the six positions that are marked. Each position has a flag that is changed to the color of the team capturing it. 

The colors of the flags of each position keep on changing and all six positions must be captured by each team in a given amount of time which is usually around 30 minutes to one hour. All players are equipped with airsoft guns and fire on the members of the opponent teams.


Once the time is out and some flags are yet to be captured, the team which has captured the most flags wins. Also, if a player of a team is taken down, he/she goes to its team’s base and wait there for five minutes before resuming the game again.

6- Zombie

Are you a fan of fictional movies and fantasy stories? Or I think I should ask about horror stories. Because as this game, as its name clarifies has zombies in it. The players are divided in the ratio of 4:1 of humans and zombies. 

So, yes there are more humans and fewer zombies but that is the whole point of this game.


The zombies strive to make all humans zombies in order to increase their population and the humans strive for their survival. If the zombies manage to infect all human players, then the zombies win. 

However, if humans manage to kill all the zombies, then the zombies win. Humans have to work really hard here because they easily get infected by the zombies but the zombies are taken down only when they are shot at least three times by the human players. 

There is one more aspect of this game which makes it more interesting. The human players set out to find items to cure themselves from being zombies, but that is before getting infected by them. 

People are seen mostly using airsoft pistols in this game than airsoft guns but some people also use airsoft rifles.

7- Bomb

This one tests the physical capabilities of the airsoft players as well as their mental capabilities. It is a very exciting game in which there are two teams. Each team sets out to sneak into the base of the opponent team which is heavily guarded by the members of that team carrying airsoft guns. 

Once they see you, you get shot down. But if you manage to sneak into the base of the opponent team, you have to place a bomb there and get back to your own base before you get caught. 

The other team has to defuse the bomb before it goes off otherwise they lose. However, if they manage to kill all the members of the opposing team before the bomb goes off or if they manage to defuse the bomb, then they win and you lose.

8- Fortress

Fortress is a very simple airsoft game. In this game, one-quarter of the players hide inside a fortress. The people outside the fortress try to kill the ones who are inside and the people inside the fortress try to eliminate the people who are outside. 

Whoever becomes successful first, wins the game.

9- Special Forces

Special Forces is also a very popular airsoft game that has a military setup. There is a team known as the Special Forces which has four people and a team of eight people known as the Bad Guys. 

Just like any other action thriller, it is the task of the special forces to take down the bad guys. Whichever team manages to kill the members of the other team first, wins. The team of Bad guys has twice as many people as the team of Special Forces. 

Therefore, they must make a good strategy first or their chances of winning will be too thin.

Airsoft Guns are fun to play and prove to be very good for people who are good with airsoft guns and are looking for some outdoor fun. My favourite airsoft game is the Zombie, which one of the above-mentioned airsoft games is your personal favorite?