83 Inch Overall 300 Movie Spartan Warrior Spear

This spear is an exacting replica of the one used by the Spartans on the silver screen, with a burnished antiquated spear head. Overall length: 83 Inch
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With a new movie on the way, now is the perfect time to return to world of Sparta with the high quality replica Spear of Sparta 300 Spear. A colossal 83 inches overall in length, the spear has a suede leather wrapped handle for a strong and secure grip. Featuring a two-piece construction for easy transport, the spear separates into two pieces at the handle exposing the solid wood core encased within a cast metal shell. The ridiculously sharp pointed tip is exactly what you would expect from a fearsome Spartan weapon of war.

  • Overall Length: 83 inches overall
  • Shaft: Solid wood with cast metal outer shell.
  • Head: Black Anodized Stainless steel spear head and end cap.
  • Includes: Black Anodized Stainless steel spear head and end cap
  • Brown suede leather wrapped handgrip
  • Two piece construction for easy transport

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