7 Types of Medieval Armor

Medieval era is also called the Middle ages. It was the period that started from the 5th century and ended after the 15th century. During this period, many popular real swords were constructed and used. 

In addition, medieval shields and armor were used as protective gear by the warriors during the medieval era. Medieval armor is a steel-made wearable that ancient warriors used to wear during the medieval era. A medieval knight used to wear armor and used swords to attack his opponent. Also, he used a shield to protect himself. 

However, the best protection was the armor. So, they wore medieval armor in order to survive during wars. Though no battles are fought using swords, practically these armor are not usable. 

However, there are many other uses of the armor. You can wear them on Halloween to stand out in the crowd. It will make you look unique and gain a lot of appreciation from the people. So, the armor is a perfect costume to wear on Halloween to stand out in the crowd. 

If you are confused about the types of armor, this is a detailed guide. There are different types of medieval armor, and knights used to wear them during wars. From full body armor to medieval helmets, warriors of medieval times wore everything to ensure their protection. So, let’s explore all those types, but before that, make sure you know what an armor is, and what it is used for. 

What is Medieval Armor Used For?

As mentioned above, medieval armor was used as a protective gear by medieval knights. It was worn on the body to secure it from sharp bladed swords. A shield also served similar purposes but it was held in one hand. 

In fact, armor was the essential protective gear during wars. A warrior held a sword in one hand and typically a shield in the other. But, to make sure he is well protected, he wore those armor.

Medieval armor

Today, such armors are used for several different purposes. Firstly, they are used in theatrical production. Cosplayers wear it on stage and are used in movies as well. So, they can serve as cosplay weapons

As of late, these armor are used for decor purposes. They often come with armor stands that are used to hang them or place them in a display cabinet. 

Most importantly, they are being used as costumes on Halloween. If you like, you can wear the armor on Halloween to stand out in the crowd and look like a real medieval knight. Here are the types of armor explained! 

What are Different Types of  Armor?

When we count the types of armor, there are many. During the medieval period, warriors used to wear different types of armors. These include body armor, chainmail armor, gorget armor, arm armor, leg armor and many more.  Let’s explore all these types!  

1. Full Body Armor

Body armor

A full body armor is a complete armor that can be worn around the body. It covers the entire body of the wearer and that is why it is called body armor. Typically, it covers the entire chest, back, neck and shoulders of the wearer. It was the best armor to wear during wars and protect the entire body against swords. 

2. Chainmail Armor

A chainmail armor is a different type of armor and looks quite unique. It is made of several metal or steel plates connected together. It is the one armor that will make you stand out in the crowd. It looks a lot different and covers the chest, shoulder and neck of the wearer. 

3. Gorget Armor

Gorget armor

A gorget armor is another medieval armor that medieval knights used to wear during wars. It typically covers the chest of the wearer. It is also quite unique and can drive a lot of appreciation from the people. Such a gorgeous type of armor. 

4. Arm Armor

Arm Armor

If you are not comfortable with massive armor, you can rather wear this small arm armor which is only worn around the arms. It is small and fits well around your arms. So, you can look like a medieval knight simply by wearing this small arm armor. 

5. Leg Armor

Leg armor

Similarly, you can wear leg armor instead of heavy and large body armor. It is an armor that is worn around the legs. You can just wear this and look like a real medieval warrior. It covers the leg of the wearer and is quite comfortable to wear. 

6. Medieval Helmets

Medieval Helmet

Apart from a complete full body armor, you can wear medieval helmets. Medieval knights used to wear helmets as well in order to protect their heads from sharp bladed medieval swords. If you want to look like a medieval warrior on Halloween, you can simply wear such a helmet. 

7. Glove Gauntlets

Glove gauntlets are not ordinary gloves, rather they are heavy and large gloves made of steel. Medieval knights used to wear such gloves to protect their hands from swords. So, you can also wear such gloves in order to dress up as a medieval knight. It can be your armor to wear on Halloween as well. 

Which Medieval Armor to Wear on Halloween?

This is a big question! Which armor to wear since there are many! It all depends on your personal choice. You can choose to wear any of these armor. 

A full body armor is a complete costume. Also, you can try wearing gauntlets and make a combination of different costumes. If you are not comfortable wearing full body armor, you can try and wear smaller ones such as leg armor or arm armor. 

So, this depends mainly on your own choice. However, we suggest wearing any of these armor. You will stand out in the crowd wearing any of these! 

Wear Your Armor & Stand Out in the Crowd

So, you are all set to stand out in the crowd on Halloween. Choose your desired armor from the list of medieval armor above. No matter which of these you choose, there is every chance that you look the most unique and badass character on Halloween!