You may have seen butterfly knives in movies or on TV, but what are they really? We're here to tell you! A butterfly knife is a knife that has two handles with blades that fold out from either side. This makes them easier to open and close than a typical folding knife. These knives are illegal to carry or sell in many places, due to their increased danger of injury during use. However, they can be legally carried if the blade is under two inches wide (length) and the point isn't sharpened.

In the world of martial arts, there is a set of techniques referred to as butterfly knife tricks. These are a few common ones. The best ways to execute these knife flips with a butterfly knife are: stabbing from the right shoulder, left shoulder stab with the blade side down moving the inward-swinging blade up around the head, stabbing the front of the neck with the blade side down, and move the inward-swinging blade up behind back and across to front; an upward stroke around head rotating to swing arm in circular motions swinging arm in circular motion. 

And finally, another upward stroke around the head rotating to swing the forearm upwards by turning it outwards at the right angle starting position for the downward stroke. Here are the complete details of performing these butterfly knife tricks:

1. Stabbing From the Right Shoulder

The best way to perform this trick is by stabbing from the right shoulder and moving directly forward in front of the body. It is very important that this knife be held with the blade side down as it will help to keep you balanced. 

  • Straight Stabbing: This knife should be stabbed deep into your opponent’s chest or neck. 
  • Stabbing with Blade Side Down: It is important that the knife tip should always be pointing downward as you are performing this trick, and when a person stabs from their right shoulder it should be done on the left-hand side of your chest or neck, and when someone stabs from their left shoulder they should stab with their right hand.  
  • Moving (inward) Swinging Blade Up Around Head: You must move in and then outward with the knife as the blade is being swung upwards around your head. 
  • Stabbing Front of Neck With Blade Side Down: You must also move inward as you are stabbing from your right shoulder, and you should realize that the knife moves back in a circular movement so it will be very easy to stab from one side of your neck to another; especially if you do not cut yourself on the blade as it is moving outwards. 
  • Stabbing Front of Neck With Blade Side Down: The knife should be stabbed with sharpness on either side of the neck, and when someone stabs from their right shoulder they can stab with their left hand.

2. An Upward Stroke Around Head

You must take your knife and rotate it around your head with an upward motion. It is important to understand that these butterfly knife tricks consist of rotating your arm in a circular motion, and in order to make this trick easier you should move the knife up from your shoulder into the air so that you will have enough room to spin it around your head. 

The knife is rotated by changing its direction. Also when you intend on performing this trick you should realize that it is important to hold the knife with your palm and fingers facing down, and when you are getting ready to perform this trick you need to keep your arm tight. If not, the knife will be easily moved out of control before going into a downward motion. 

3. Stroke Rotating to Swing Arm in Circular Motions

It is very important that you are holding the knife in a downward position moving it up from your shoulder into the air. This means you are also turning your body so that you can rotate the knife around over your head. You need to keep your arm tight as it will help control the knife. 

It is important to realize that this trick consists of rotating your arm so that it is moving in a circular motion, and when performing these butterfly knife tricks you need to pretend that you are holding a basketball with both hands, and then throw it up above your head so that it goes straight up, and comes right back down towards your feet. 

As the knife is moving around you, you can move your arm up and outwards when you are supposed to move it inwards, and you should be able to do this as your knife moves across your head.

4. The Quickdraw Trick

This trick is performed by using the knife in the same manner as you would normally use it to cut food. The blade should be twisted so that it goes towards the outside of your hand, and then swiftly pulled back with an upward motion. 

When performing this trick, you must be able to quickly rise up from your knees and remain balanced on at least one foot; and you need to hold the knife with your index finger pointing downward so that when you pull it out of its sheath it will do a quarter turn in the air before coming down towards your fingers.

5. Index Rollover

The index rollover is one of the easy butterfly knife tricks to perform. It consists of rolling your index finger over the tip of the knife blade while you are pulling out of its sheath, and then giving your hand a quarter turn while you pull the blade towards it. 

The palm of your hand must be facing downwards during this trick, and before performing it you must first sheathe the knife and then hold one side of its handle with your pointer finger and thumb while keeping the other side in place with your middle finger. After this, you need to push up on one side of its handle and then pull down on another. This will allow you to easily rotate the knife as it comes out of its sheath. The knife should be rotated in this way so that it is pointing outwards during the rollover.

6. Striking From the Left Side

Before performing this trick you need to understand that after being flipped over in mid-air you will strike your back. When performing this trick you must be able to throw yourself into the air by pulling your legs to your chest and then thrusting them upwards into the air, and at the same time you must be able to rotate your body so that you are ready to catch yourself on the other side as soon as you are flipped over. 

When performing this trick, you need to hold the knife with your palm facing down and when landing you should be prepared to hold the knife straight out so that it will strike your opponent as soon as you land. When performing this trick you must understand that you are supposed to make a cut across the top of your opponent’s arm; and in order to do this, you will have to pull your arm across their chest when they try to block your stroke with their left hand.

7. Striking From the Right Side

You must perform this trick by holding the knife in a downward position from the right side of your waist. The tip of the knife will be facing outward at an angle when performing this trick, and then you must quickly spin your body so that you will be able to thrust it with an upwards motion, and when you do this your arm should be drawn back to get as much speed as possible. This means that you are throwing yourself around in a circular motion, and if done correctly your opponent will not have a chance to avoid the strike. 

How to Safely Use a Butterfly Knife?

The Butterfly Knife is one of the most ubiquitous knives in use today. Its blade is large, like an everyday pocket knife, but its handle design is unlike any other knife on the market. In general, butterfly knives are used for everyday tasks such as opening boxes and cutting rope. 

Some butterfly knife enthusiasts will start to develop their own styles of using these pocket-size blades, including some that can be easily concealed and used as a self defense weapon. Joining this growing number of enthusiasts will open up a world full of possibilities for personal expression with your everyday carry knife. There are multiple ways in which a butterfly knife can be concealed. You can perform various cool butterfly knife tricks as well. 

Some can be folded and secured by a clip on the pant's belt loop, others are hidden under the sole of a shoe or in between the pages of a book. The most effective methods currently involve modifying a belt, securing the butterfly knife to it, and then placing an outer garment over it. With some basic modifications, one can conceal their butterfly knife while wearing any outfit they desire.

This is not always true because some people who carry butterfly knives do not want them concealed. This is due to several reasons such as making them easily accessible in dangerous situations or just simply showing off their collection of cool knives to friends and co-workers.