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We might have adopted nuclear weapons and firearms but we never forgot swords. Yes, that’s the fact! The technology has led the world to such innovative weapons. However, we still see swords and bladed weapons in the movies, video games, and animated series. Such is the popularity of swords. 

Though swords are no longer considered warfare weapons but we still tend to collect them because these are used for practicing the art of swordsmanship. In addition, we use swords for cosplay, movies and production, decor and costume purposes. 

In modern days, swords are being manufactured in different ways. There are steel swords, carbon steel swords, wooden swords and foam swords etc. Anime swords and fantasy swords are often made of wood and foam because they are used for purposes like cosplay and decor. 

Among the modern types of swords, SAO swords have been pretty popular. These are the replica swords from a very famous animated series called Sword Art Online. They are believed to be the most gorgeous anime swords. 

Today, we have come up with a few brilliantly designed SAO Swords for crazy enthusiasts and collectors. Also, there are some masterpieces for the fans of Sword Art Online. However, we will explore the swords later. Let’s first explore the animated series and fantasy novel we know as Sword Art Online! 

Sword Art Online - The Fantasy Novel Series

Sword Art Online is a Japanese novel series aired in Japan as an animated series. It was originally written by Reki Kawahara. The series takes place in a fantasy world and centers around the protagonist Kazuto or Kirito Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki. These are the two most popular characters from the series. 

Sword Art Online has received a lot of success. Apart from the written novel and the animated series, a video game has also been made on Sword Art Online. The most important aspect of this series is the swords used in it. There are some spectacular swords used by different characters in the series. 

SAO Swords - The Most Goergeous Anime Swords

SAO Swords are the swords that belong to different anime characters in the series called Sword Art Online. The two most famous characters are Kirito Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki. You will find their respective swords in the market very often because these are the most popular. 

We have come up with a list of a few of the best SAO swords. Though there are many, we have the most brilliantly designed ones. Let’s explore the features of those swords and different ways you can use them! 

1. Black Swordsman Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword

Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword

Constructed using quality polyurethane foam, it is a beautifully crafted sword. It is one of the best replica swords from Sword Art Online. It gives a realistic appearance. It has a light aqua color with a faux jewel given to accent. It is hand painted and is ideal for cosplay and costume purposes.

2. Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword of Kirito

Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword of Kirito

This dark repulser is another gorgeous sword from SAO. It is the sword of Kirito and looks exactly like the original. An excellent quality polyurethane foam is used in its construction to ensure its durability. Though it has a nice dark color, a blue faux jewel is included in the center of the blade.

3. Kiritos Dark Repulser SAO Sword With Scabbard

Kiritos Dark Repulser SAO Sword With Scabbard

This is another version of Kirito dark repluser sword. It has an aqua color as well. However, it comes with a scabbard as well. You can cover the blade with the scabbard to carry it easily and ensure its maintenance. There is a black leather sheath as well to cover and protect the blade.

4. SAO Dark Repeller Anime Fantasy Longsword Turqoise Blade

SAO Dark Repeller Anime Fantasy Longsword Turqoise Blade

Compared to foam swords above, this SAO sword is made of carbon steel. However, it is not battle ready and you can sharpen its blade if needed. It is still a great sword for LARP and movies. It is longer than other swords listed here! 

5. SAO Legendary Holy Excalibur Kirito Sword With Sheath

SAO Legendary Holy Excalibur Kirito Sword With Sheath

This is by far the most gorgeous anime sword. It is the replica Kirito sword that replicates the real excalibur. The blade is made of stainless steel and contains a sharp edge. The faux jewel is there on the pommel. 

6. WarFoam Kirito’s Dark Repulser SAO Foam Sword Cosplay Costume LARP

Kiritos Dark Repulser SAO Foam Sword Cosplay Costume LARP

This is a quality foam sword offered by War Foam, a popular brand that provides a large variety of foam weapons. It is another ideal sword for cosplay, LARP and costume. It is a 43 inches long sword. The metallic chrome finish makes the blade look like a real steel blade. 

SAO Swords for Cosplay

If you get a few of these SAO swords, get ready to use them in several different ways. First of all, these are the perfect cosplay weapons. Made of foam, these are ideal and safe for cosplay and LARP. So, cosplayers must have a few in their arsenals because they may need to dress up as Kirito in the near future.

SAO Swords for Movies

Since these swords are anime swords and they are made of either foam or carbon steel, they are ideal for movies and production as well. Even the steel bladed swords don’t have sharp blades. You have to sharpen them yourself, so they are quite safe as well. 

SAO Swords for Decor & Display

SAO swords are also great decor and display items. They are stylish, unique and colorful. Also, they often come with display stands. Therefore, you can get a few at your houses and offices and display them as decor items. 

SAO Swords - Halloween Costumes

Why not dress up as Kirito on Halloween? These swords will let you dress up like him. You would need a sword to complete your costume. Therefore, these are the best swords in your collection because you can use them as your Halloween costumes when needed. 

SAO Swords - The Collectibles for Enthusiasts

For fans of Sword Art Online and crazy sword enthusiasts, these SAO swords are the best collectibles. You must gather a few swords and maintain a nice collection to impress your mates. Also, you can determine your enthusiasm and love for Sword Art Online and the anime characters featured in this series! 

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