Knives are being used by the human race since forever. The earliest people did not have knives made up of steel like we do but their carved stones versions also served the same purpose modern knives do i.e. to them for utility purposes or to defend oneself against possible harm and threats. 

Isn’t that why we use knives today? With the modern world comes advancement in almost every phase of our lives and that is why we have numerous options available to us. Knives are also available in many different types and among all types, fixed blade knives are the most common among all. 

The knife we use in our kitchens to cut fruits and vegetables is also a type of a fixed blade knife. Knives are an essential part of our lives and help us perform our daily utility tasks with efficiency and ease. Let us now have a look at a brief introduction on fixed blade knives.

Fixed Blade Knives

The knives that have their blades attached to their handles are known as fixed blade knives. These knives are not movable and therefore they are more durable and efficient than pocket folding knives especially if you want to execute hard chores. 

These knives are very strong and tough, mostly because they have full tang blades which provide maximum strength to a knife.

When you go out to the market to buy a knife, the shopkeeper shows you various options and for once you wonder that you just need a knife to carry out your everyday tasks and are unable to choose from that wide array of knives. 

The situation ends up you asking the shopkeeper to recommend you his best knife which you buy and come out of the shop. So, that is what happens to you if you do not have enough information about what you are going to buy. 

Fixed blade Survival knives have a variety of uses but are most commonly used to cut fruits and vegetables, cut meat, clean meat, cut ropes etc. They are also used for filleting a fish, for hunting or in survival situations as well. 

There are different types of fixed blade knives to execute all these tasks. Let us have a look at these types.

Types of Fixed Blade Knives

1- Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife is known quite too well because of its legendary history. The iconic design of this knife still fascinates too many of us. The Bowie knife was named after the notorious and very famous fighter, Jim Bowie who fought with it in the renowned Sandbar duel. 

The Sandbar duel took place in the early years of the 19th century on a sandbar that was located in the Mississippi River. The bowie knife is a type of a fixed blade knife and has a big blade that is about twelve inches long. 

The big and wide blade of this knife ends up on a clip point which is a unique feature of a Bowie knife.

Moreover, the blade of a Bowie knife is curvaceous and it also features a cross guard that is another unique feature of it. The Bowie knife is used to perform a lot of tasks. 

You can use it for utility purposes but with a blade this big, you should most preferably use it to perform outdoor chores which are usually tough and require a strong and sturdy knife like a Bowie knife. And then, you can use it for fighting purposes as well or you could just keep it in your collection as a piece of history.

2- Hunting Knife

A hunting knife as we all know assists us in the execution of tasks related to hunting. However, you can also use these fixed blade knives to perform some other tasks i.e. cutting woods and building shelter when you are out on a hunting excursion. 

Hunting knives are not used to actually hunt the animal as many people think, but they are used to assist in cutting, skinning, slicing and caping an animal. Hunting knives have single-edged blades unlike daggers having double-edged blades, but they are quite razor-sharp.

Sometimes, hunting knives come with straight blades but sometimes they also feature curved blades which are preferred for skinning an animal. Sometimes, hunting knives also have a gut hook at the end of their blades which proves to be quite useful as well. 

The skinning hunting knife is used to skin an animal i.e. to take off its skin, the butchering hunting knife is used to butcher an animal and to cut the meat into small pieces. 

Then comes the caping knife which is used to take off the head of the animal without breaking its neck so that it can be reserved and saved as a hunting trophy.

3- Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is used for filleting a fish. The main purpose of a fillet knife is to separate the meat of a fish from its bones. 

The blade of a fillet knife has a length of about four to nine inches which varies as there are different types of fillet fixed blade knives as well, some are short and some are big as well. 

It is also obvious that big fishes are filleted by big fillet knives and small ones with small fillet knives. The most distinguishing feature of a fillet knife is that it has flexibility in its blade which allows it to easily separate the meat of a fish from its bones.

4- Karambit Knife

A Karambit knife is a deadly blade that is said to be originated from Indonesia. A karambit knife features a very unique design and its most distinguishing feature is its curved blade that is designed in a c shape. 

Other distinguishing feature of a karambit knife includes a finger ring that is designed on the rear end of the knife and allows you to have a strong and secure grip of the knife. 

Karambit fixed blade knives are used extensively during fights because of their razor-sharp blades that are quite effective in slashing and piercing. However, this curved blade of a karambit knife makes it a very bad option for thrusting and stabbing. 

The blade of a Karambit knife is very deadly and tears through anything that comes its way into shreds.

5- Machete

Have you ever heard of a Machete? A Machete falls under the category of fixed blade knives and features a very big blade. Due to this big blade, it is used majorly in farming or for cutting woods as well. 

Machete has its origins from Spain and is a very durable and strong knife. It features a full tang blade and that is why it proves to be quite effective in performing tough outdoor chores. 


You can also use a Machete for cutting, chopping, slaughtering and these are also some of the current uses of Machete. Also, can you believe that a Machete is also used for fighting in rural and under developed areas? 

This big knife is very dangerous and very hard to handles as well so always use it with care if you have one or are planning to buy one.