Always Carry A Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is known as one of the most popular self defense weapons. This weapon existed long ago, even before there were any stun guns or tasers etc. The best thing about this spray is that anyone can carry it without any hassle.

No matter what your age is, no matter who you are and where you are from, this weapon can be used by you to prevent an attack for your protection.

The sad thing right now is that mugging and violence are growing in percentage every single year. Especially the females report several assaults and attacks on them and which is something that makes things like pepper sprays and stun guns etc. extremely important.

The point that we are trying to emphasize here is that if you think about getting some self defense weapon, a pepper spray is the best choice to make. It is not lethal at all, so you won’t even have to worry about using it on someone who is trying to harm you.

How To Use A Pepper Spray?

We know you’ve got a lot of questions on your mind right now. Particularly, you want to know why to choose pepper spray when there are a lot more other options available too?

pepper sprays

Well, we will get to that part later by telling you some of the main reasons why you should be carrying this spray with you all the time. For now, let’s guide you on how it is used in the first place!

You see, this spray has some hot chili pepper liquid inside that is not something ordinary. When it comes to using this weapon, you just have to spray it on the face of the attacker. Once you do this, the attacker will go blind temporarily and that’s when you can escape the scene or call the police.

You can always rely on a pepper spray because let’s face it that no matter how strong the other person is or how powerful he is, he won’t be able to see for a while when red chili pepper liquid is sprayed into his eyes.

Now that you know how to use this weapon, let’s talk about the reasons why you should be buying one right now!

Reasons To Carry A Pepper Spray With You

There are plenty of convincing reasons that we are about to jot down in front of you. Just take notes because these reasons will push you to buy a spray right now. This will ultimately help you in preventing an attack.

1. It Is Not A One Time Use:

Some people don’t like spending their money on this weapon because they think that it is just one-time use. Well, guess what? That’s not at all the case with a self defense spray!

You can use it on multiple attackers. Depending on the capacity that you buy, if there are three to four people surrounding you to attack, you can use it on all of them and escape.

2. Economical:

The second main reason to buy this weapon is that it is economical. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just on a spray. It will only cost you somewhat around $10 or more to get one. It is cheap and there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you are on a tight budget.

3. Easy To Carry:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a self defense weapon? Of course, you think about the ease and convenience of carrying it.

Well, with a pepper spray even that concern of yours is waived off. It is a spray bottle that comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. How hard can it be to carry a spray with you? It is compact enough to fit your front pocket and the best thing about it is that no one can even guess that you are carrying a defense spray with you!

4. It Is Not Lethal:

As said earlier, there are people who don’t want to use weapons that can cost someone his life even if it is an attacker. With this spray, you don’t have to think about the lethality either.

These sprays aren’t lethal at all and they don’t even cause any long term or permanent damages. The effect of the spray lasts just for half an hour or two and then it’s gone.

It is a self defense weapon which means that half an hour you get, it is more than enough to escape the attacker and run away. 

5. Easy To Use:

There are weapons that require proper training and practices for you to use them. However, this spray needs no such things as it is very easy to use.

You just take off the cap or unlock the spray and use it straight away on the face of the attacker. Even a 12-year-old knows how to operate a spray so that is not a problem either.

The Final Words:

We hope these reasons are enough for you to buy a pepper spray now. If you think this is the weapon that suits your needs the best, why wait? Buy it right away and keep it with you all the time.

It is an effective self defense weapon that you should have whether you are in the house, in your car, or even out in the street.

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