pepper spray

Pepper spray is believed to be one of the best self defense weapons these days. It is a small sized spray that has severe effects. 

It was originally used as a dog repellent. The spray could easily get rid of the dogs and wild animals by causing irritation to their eyes. 

Law enforcement used pepper spray as a weapon for crowd control and for arresting the culprits. It helps these officers in easily detaining the criminals. 

As of late, it has been adopted as pure self defense weapons. It has come up as an extremely handy weapon to battle the attackers. 

best pepper spray

Specifically, it is considered a weapon for women. It has come up as a weapon that meets the needs of women. Yes, we’re talking about self defense needs. 

Women love to use weapons that are small, non lethal, easy to carry, and easy to use. Thankfully for women, this spray offers all these benefits. 

A pepper spray is generally a small sized device that contains a spray with capsicum as the active ingredient in it. 

It is small and easy to carry, and very simple to use. All you need to do is push a button to spray it on the face of the attacker, and that will do very nicely for women. 

As a woman, it is the best and most effective way to survive against the attackers. But, what are the best pepper sprays for women to deal with the attackers? 

Following are three different sprays that are ideal for women when it comes to battling the attackers:

1. Black Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz

This is a pepper spray by Guard Dog, and one of the best to tackle the attackers. It contains 18% of capsicum. It can cause some serious effects when sprayed on the face of the attacker. 

Black Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18

It comes with a lovely leather holster and a keychain. Women can carry it very easily while having their keys attached to it. It is extremely small to fit into your handbag. In addition, it is pretty accessible when you have to deal with the attacker. 

The holsters also make it comfortable and safe to carry. If not a handbag, you can carry it in your pocket. 

The spray features a twist top which avoids accidental damage to the user. In addition, it contains 7-9 one-second bursts. The range of spray is close to 12 feet.

Women can spray it on the face to cause serious burning sensation to the eyes of the attacker and even cause temporary blindness to ensure their survival. 

2. Fuchsia Hard Case Personal Defense Pepper Spray Keychain

This is another ideal pepper spray for women which can secure women from the attackers. It is appealing, effective, convenient and safe to use for women. 

Fuchsia Hard Case Personal Defense Pepper Spray Keychain

This spay comes with a few significant features. There is a hard case around the device that enhances the beauty of the weapon. 

It comes with a built-in key ring and allows you to attach your keys with it. An important feature is the belt clip that comes with it. This belt clip allows you to attach the device to your belt. If you wear jeans, this is a perfect way to carry your weapon (around your waist). 

It also contains 7-9 one-second bursts  and also has a range of 12 feet. This can result in invisible dye on the attacker, thanks to 18% Oleoresin Capsicum or red pepper present in it. 

3. Bling It On Keyring Self Defense Pepper Spray

This Bling it on pepper spray is a lovely self defense weapon to have for women. A red jeweled case makes it an absolutely gorgeous thing. 

This spray comes with Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Again, 18% of capsicum and can cause severe damage to the attacker. 

Considering the range of the spray, this is a better option than the previous two. There is a range of 16 feet, a way more than 12 feet. 

This is a laboratory tested spray and has 36 month shelf life. The key ring is there to carry your keys as well. 

So, these were the three best pepper sprays for women to battle the attackers. However, what is your choice among these? Let us know about your pick from the list in the comment section below!