2000 BBs .12g 6mm Quickload Container Airsoft Gun| Assorted Colors

UK Arms 2000 0.12g Count Seamless Airsoft BBS In Speed Bottle New For Airsoft. Standard .12g Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs for entry level airsoft guns. Color may vary.
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Part Number: 5J1-BB2000(BOTTLE)U
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Looking for Airsoft BBs? You're at the right place. Sharp Import is one of the largest suppliers of Airsoft guns and airsoft BBs. Explore our stock to find airsoft sniper rifles, airsoft pistols, shotguns, airsoft revolvers and airsoft cartridge. This is an assorted color airsoft guns BBs that you can buy at the most reasonable wholesale price. These are seamless airsoft BBs in speed bottle containers. They are as many as you want. 

With a total of 2000 BBs, they are more than enough to enjoy airsoft on the field without worrying about running out of BBs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert airsofter, these BBs are for you. There are multiple colors to choose from. Shop now at 90% less than retail prices. Also, if you want some discount, you can even get a 20% discount. For this purpose, make sure your order exceeds $999.99. We provide shipping within a business day!

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