2 Pc Double Throwing Axe Hatchet Tomahawk Spike Knife Set

2 Pc Double Throwing Axe Hatchet Tomahawk Spike Knife Set
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These new Throwing Axe's from Perfect Point are unlike any other you've ever held. With a stealth feel and rock-solid construction, you'll nail your target virtually every time. They look great and will make a sharp addition to your inventory. Easy to conceal and carry around. The small size makes them easy to stick in a backpack or carry on your belt without them weighing you down to much.

Made of stainless steel with a one piece full tang construction and dual striking points. They have a satin (silver in color) finish and come factory sharp. On the head, by the handle is a small perfect point logo and the handle's have 3 cut out holes for better weight distribution.

The set includes a nylon sheath carrying pouch, which holds both axe's. It fits over the axe heads nicely. For added strength there's 3 front edge rivets and 1 end rivet. 2 button snaps keep the axes in securely. On the back for carrying, there's a 1 3/4" belt loop.


  • Length Top/Bottom: 9 1/2"
  • Blade/Edge Length: 2 3/4"
  • Head Across: 5 3/8"
  • Head Thickness: 5/32"
  • Neck Length: 4 1/4"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Handle Thickness: 1/8"
  • Weight (1 axe): 8.2 oz

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