2 PCS Spiked Ninja Bracers Razor Spikes Arm Gauntlet's

2 PCS Spiked Ninja Bracers Razor Spikes Arm Gauntlet's

2 PCS Spiked Ninja Bracers Razor Spikes Arm Gauntlet's. Set Of 2 And Features Sharp Stainless Steel Spikes And Are Constructed Of Faux Leather And Metal.

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A good pair of gauntlets can make or break a good shadow warrior. Not only do these Spiked Ninja Bracers offer a healthy dose of style to your ninja look, but they are also a wicked set pair of potential tools, useful for both offense and defense. These bracers are simple in construction, possessing a light weight that makes them comfortable and easy to wear. Small steel plates have been fastened to the backs of the bracers to provide a bit of reinforcement, while the bottom of the bracers features a trio of metal-constructed spikes, which look like they could be used for things like climbing, attacking, or even deflecting a blade, given enough skill. Each bracer measures approximately 9.5 inches long, and they are sold as a set of two.

  • A Great Pair of Blackened Bracers
  • Constructed Using Steel Plates and Spikes
  • Made From Quality Leather
  • Features Straps to Help Adjust Bracer Sizing
  • A Fantastic Costume Weapon or Accessory
  • Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea

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