Effective Self Defense Weapons for Ladies

Ladies are the most vulnerable individuals to random attacks. More than 70% of the people attacked, victimized or brutalized on the hands of the attackers are women. Admit it or not, ladies are always prone to attacks when they leave their homes. 

So, what’s the reason behind that? Yes, they are weaker than men but this isn’t the only reason. Perhaps, they don’t carry self defense weapons. In fact, they do carry weapons but these weapons are not that effective. 

Yes, we can conclude that women carry self defense weapons that are ineffective and unable to defend them from the attackers. When we consider men, we know they carry lethal weapons to deal with those attackers. 

On the other hand, ladies never like to carry lethal weapons. One of their basic self defense needs is a weapon that is less lethal and more effective. So, what are the options for women?

We have come up with a list of best self defense weapons for ladies. Since there are plenty of weapons available in the market, we have conducted our research and brought the most effective weapons that meet the self defense needs of women. And not just that, our self defense weapons enlisted below are incredible and effective and ensure ladies’ survival against the attackers! Let’s explore the list! 

1. Flashlight Stun Gun

We have heard that most women are attacked at midnight. The reason is that many women in America work in the afternoon or evening shift. Hence, they get back home late at night. This is when it is dark outside and they are vulnerable to attacks. The attackers love the dark and they often victimize people during that time. 

For ladies who work late at night, this flashlight stun gun is the perfect self defense weapon. It is basically an electroshock weapon that can deliver a very powerful electrical shock. However, the important feature of this weapon is the flashlight. It allows you to enlighten your path when heading towards home and see any attacker stepping towards you. Hence, you can either escape or get ready to battle him with this stun gun! 

2. Stun Baton

A stun baton is another electroshock weapon and pretty useful when it comes to dealing with the attackers. It is basically a small sized baton that features a stun gun. There are two prongs on the baton, and you can touch these prongs to the body of the attacker to give a strong electrical shock to him. You can also use the baton as your lethal weapon. Swing it hard and use full force. Even a couple of strikes would do the job for you and injure the attacker!

3. Lipstick Stun Gun

A lipstick stun gun is simply the best self defense weapon for ladies. We all know ladies carry cosmetics in their handbags. Why not add another one? This is another lipstick you can carry in your bag. However, this isn’t just lipstick, it is more than that. It is a stun gun that can defend you against the attackers. 

It looks like a real lipstick, and no one has the ability to figure it out. There are the prongs on it that can be touched with the body of the attacker to give an electrical shock! 

4. iStun 8

iPhone 8 is a lovely phone, isn’t it? We know you love iPhone and what about an iPhone 8 in your pocket? Yes, this iStun 8 is a replica iPhone 8 that looks exactly like an iPhone 8. However, this is yet another electroshock weapon for ladies to battle the attackers. 

This cell phone stun gun can be carried in the pocket or handbag as just another phone. When an attacker tries to attack, you can just touch the prongs on it to his body and deliver that electrical shock that will immobilize him and prevent him from getting back on his feet. 

5. Stun Ring

A stun ring or a ring stun gun is a self defense weapon designed for ladies who are often attacked by random attackers. Ladies can wear it in any of their fingers and walk comfortably without fearing the attackers. Yes, there is no need to be afraid when this ring is worn in your finger. 

In case an attacker does attack you, the ring will help you get rid of him. How? The ring is actually a stun gun with two prongs responsible for delivering an electrical shock when getting in contact with any part of the body of the attacker. Such a small weapon is ideal, isn't it? 

6. Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is just a spray ladies, but that spray is incredibly effective if you are looking to deal with the attackers in a less lethal manner. It is a small bottle containing chilli spray. There is capsicum in the spray as the active ingredient. 

You can carry this spray in your pocket and when an attacker comes, just spray it on his face. It will cause a severe burning sensation to his eyes and force his eyes to close. Also, it can cause temporary blindness. In any case, it guarantees your survival. 

7. Taser

A taser is another electroshock weapon but it is far better than a stun gun. It is actually a small pistol that contains a trigger mechanism. And yes, it is small enough to be carried in the pocket or handbag. It is pretty easy to use as well. 

As mentioned above, it features a trigger mechanism, all you need to do is pull that trigger to shoot electrodes that will travel to touch the body of the attacker and form a circuit to deliver a strong electrical shock. What makes it better than a stun gun is that it keeps you at a safe distance from the attacker. 

8. Lipstick Knife

A lipstick knife is yet another cosmetic you can add to your set. Yes, it looks like a real lipstick and is one of the finest self defense weapons for ladies to fight the attackers. Compared to the weapons listed above, it is a lethal weapon because it features a blade. 

There is a small blade hidden inside it. When you twist the tube of the lipstick, it pops out. Hence, you can use the blade to injure the attacker and survive. When you’re done dealing with the attacker, you can conceal it back by twisting the tube to the other direction! 

9. Comb Knife

A comb knife is another hidden blade designed for self defense. As the name describes, it is a comb that can be used for combing hair. But, there’s more to talk about. A blade is concealed inside it. In other words, the blade is covered. 

You cam remove the cover to open the blade when needed to fight the attackers. This is actually a very sharp blade that can cause severe injuries to the attacker and serve your survival. You can conceal it back into the comb and cover it again when not in use! 

10. Pen Knife

A pen knife is a popular hidden blade knife used for self defense. As the name suggests, this is a pen with a blade concealed inside it. Yes, this is really a pen and you can use it for writing. However, a blade is there to help you get rid of the attackers. 

Just remove the cover and open the blade. Use it to stab the attacker and injure him. Once he is down, escape and save your life. Yes, you can cover the blade and keep it hidden otherwise. 

11. Knife Necklace

This is really a necklace. Ladies love necklaces, don’t they? How about wearing a self defense necklace? Yes, you can wear this necklace knife like you wear others. But, this necklace is not like other necklaces. It does not have a nice, attractive pendant. Rather than the original pendant, it features a small blade as its pendant. 

The idea is to keep a weapon at your nearest access. When you have to battle an attacker, you can quickly grab the blade and injure the attacker with it. Relax, the blade is covered with a sheath, and your neck is absolutely secure. Anyways, try and keep the sheath on when no attacker is there to harm you. 

12. Boot Knife

Ladies love wearing ankle boots and heels nowadays. Perhaps, this is the latest footwear trend. How about carrying a blade in the boots? Yes, why not? Since you love wearing tall boots, you can afford to carry a boot blade in them and use them as your self defense weapons. 

Again, don’t be uncomfortable about carrying a blade in the boots. Your feet are pretty safe since the blade is covered with a leather sheath. You can remove the sheath when pulling the blade out of your boots and beating the hell out of the attackers. 

13. Self Defense Keychain

A self defense keychain is one of the incredibly effective self defense weapons for ladies. The ladies would love to carry it as it is less lethal and more effective. This small keychain would carry your keys. However, it will provide you with a couple of spikes that can work as knuckles. You can use them to punch the attacker in his face and cause serious injuries. Then, you are welcome to run away and save your life. 

Pick Your Weapon - Save Your Life!

So, that was our list of most incredible and effective self defense weapons for ladies. Since you have explored the entire list, what is your pick? No matter what weapon you choose from the list; it is ideal to battle the attackers and survive against them. 

Anyways, personal preferences and needs are still important. We would like to hear from you. Let us know about your chosen self defense weapon in the comments section below!