types of knife and blades

There are several different types of blades and knives around. Different knives serve different purposes. A few are excellent for hunting while a few are good for utility uses. So, you have the luxury to find the knife you are looking for! 

When it comes to types of blades, we definitely mean the style and shape of the blade. There are a few popular types of blades such as tanto blades, drop point blades, needle point blades and several more. The type of blade determines what purpose this knife can fulfill. If you want to know what types of blades there are, here are 12 types of knife blades and the purposes they fulfill!

1. Straight Blade

A straight blade is a simple blade with a very straight spine. There is an edge which is curved up to connect to the tip. There is a long spine which makes the blade sturdy enough to be used for slicing and chopping. It is the most commonly used type of blade. 

2. Clip Point

A clip point is another commonly used blade. It is recognized through the spine and there is a front section that is often clipped off. It can either be concave or straight and offers a fine point which makes the knife ideal for precise cutting work. 

3. Drop Point

Drop point blades are present in many knives. It is the shape of a blade recognized by a drop point. It is shaped as a convex spine which is curved down to the point of the blade from the handle. It leads to an easily-controlled point and a greater belly. Hence, it is an ideal blade for slicing and is often used by the hunters. 

4. Needle Point

A needle point blade can be any symmetrical blade having a couple of edges tapered from handle to the point. It is one of the best knives for penetrating and piercing. For instance, these blades are used for stabbing and fighting purposes. The blade has a narrow shape and is more fragile than other blades. 

5. Tanto Blade

A tanto blade is inspired by a short sword that the samurai tended to use. This is the type of blade that replaces the curved belly for a very angular edge transition, making it a more prominent and stronger point. It is also a great knife for slicing and piercing. 

6. Hawkbill Blade

A Hawkbill blade is also known as a talon blade, and it is recognized by its spine and the edge which is curved down in a similar direction producing a more downward-facing blade point. 

This sort of shape enables the blade to cut in a more efficient manner when it is pulled back in the handle’s direction. Hence, this type of knife is mostly used in utility cutting and agricultural work. 

7. Sheepsfoot

A sheepsfoot is a type of blade with a unique shape. It has a spine curved down meeting the point, and there is a very straight edge. These types of blades are created for slicing. They prevent accidental piercing with that sharp point. This type of blade was mainly used for trimming the hooves of the sheep. It is also being used as a survival weapon today! 

8. Spey Point

This is a type of blade with a more flat edge and very close to the tip, when curved up to the blade point. Apart from the edge, the spine is also quite flat. However, it edges down to close the knife’s tip, hence, creating a point. It leads to a blade that has a very short belly and a very broad tip. 

Therefore, there is no chance for accidental piercing. This type of blade is often used for neutering animals and today, these are used by the hunters. 

9. Spear Point

This is another symmetrical shape of the blade having a point that is in the line with the knife’s center. Don’t mix it with the needle point blades, the spear point blades are stronger and more adept at thrusting. There are often two sharp edges or sometimes just one. It is mainly used in throwing knives and daggers. 

10. Trailing Point

A trailing point blade has a spine curved upwards creating an elevated point, quite higher compared to the handle. This sort of shape produces a greater belly, hence, making these blades great for filleting, skinning and slicing. 

11. Dao Blade

The Dao blades often feature one straight spine and a sharp edge. It is a type of dao sword that was used by the Chinese a long time ago. It was a sword with a single edge. These blades are ideal for chopping and slashing. 

Though dao refers to a sword more than a knife, it is the type of blade that is found in knives as well. Such knives are used for chopping food in the kitchen. A single curved edge can easily chop stuff while the straight spine ensures the safety. 

12. Serrated Blade

A serrated blade is one of the commonly used blade types as well. It has a sharp edge with a few notches. These notches are also known as teeth and make the blade excellent for cutting. 

The serrated knives usually have a single edge. These blades are found in pocket knives, kitchen knives, and many utility knives. These blades have the ability to cut faster; however the cuts are not very accurate. 

So, these are the different types of knife blades. You can find all these blades in the market. Since each blade serves a different purpose, you need to find the right blade for your cutting work. For instance you need to choose a tanto blade if you are looking for a knife that is ideal for slicing and piercing. So, be wise when choosing your knife or blade!