best katana swords

Katana sword is believed to be one of the all time great swords. This was a pure fighting sword back in the 15th century. It is a massive sword with a thick and long blade. 

In a vast variety of swords for sale available in the market, no one can deny the popularity of this traditional sword. It is still a favorite sword for enthusiasts. 

Katana is a traditional Japanese sword and is basically a pure fighting sword. It served the ancient Japanese warriors as their primary warfare and fighting weapon. 

However, it is no longer a fighting and warfare sword. But still, it is extremely popular as a collectible, a cosplay sword, and a display sword. 

We have enlisted the best katana swords available in the market these days. But before exploring the list, you must be familiar with the sword and its types. 

What is a Katana Sword?

Katana sword is a long and thick sword, typically known as a samurai sword. Because samurai warriors were the earliest to use this sword, it is often associated with them. 

Katana is a badass fighting sword with a powerful, thick blade. It is believed to be one of the most powerful swords ever constructed. 

However, there are a couple of versions of this sword. Let us explain some of the types of a katana sword. 

Katana Sword Types

Samurai Katana

Samurai katana is the original version of the katana. It is a sword used by the samurai warriors. It was their primary fighting sword. 

This version of katana has a thick and long blade. The most important thing is a small curve on the blade. There is always a curve at the bottom of the blade. 

Ninja Katana

Ninja katana is the other version of this sword. This was used by the ninja warriors along the same time. However, this sword is slightly different. 

A ninja katana has a long and thick blade as well. However, there is no curve on that blade. The blade is dead straight. The rest is similar between the two swords. 

The Best Katana Swords in the Market Today

Here is a great mix of traditional and fantasy katana swords: 

1. 1045 Steel Samurai Katana Sword

This looks like a real, traditional katana with a powerful 1045 steel blade. The blade is also sharp and comes with a full tang. 

Samurai Sword Katana Sharp Edge Dragon

It comes with tsuka and saya as well. Both tsuka  and saya are absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful black scabbard is also included in the package. Overall, a massive sword with a 29 inches blade. 

2. Touken Ranbu Steel Samurai Katana Sword

This is a katana sword with a carbon steel blade. The blade is not very sharp, so you can use it for live action role play. There is a red faux ray skin handle and a 4 mm thick blade. 

41" Touken Ranbu Cosplay Ichigo Hitofuri Steel Samurai Katana Sword

There is a nice red scabbard. An ideal sword for display and decor purposes as well. The sword looks cool with a shiny overall structure of the sword. 

3. Saya Otonashi The Bloodied Samurai Katana Sword 

This is a fantasy katana, not a real one. A typical anime sword with a unique design. The blade comes with a blood groove in the middle of it. 

44.5" Saya Otonashi The Bloodied Sword Samurai Katana Anime Weapon

Also, the blade is a great one with a length of more than 30 inches. 

There is a faux black samegawa handle. A lovely scabbard comes with a sword too. All in all, a magnificent sword for decor as well as LARP. 

4. Anime Fantasy Blue Warrior Holy Spiritus Katana

This is another fantasy katana sword. However, it has a realistic appearance. 

Anime Fantasy Samurai Sword Blue Warrior Katana Holy Spiritus

The blue color scheme makes it one of the loveliest swords on the list. There is a beautiful tsuka of the sword. 

One of the most elegant and classically crafted, this sword is a dream collectible for enthusiasts. The blade is made of carbon steel and has a sharp edge. A Black-lacquered wooden scabbard comes with the sword as well. 

5. Blue Japanese Tachi Ceremonial Katana Samurai Sword

This is a typical Japanese katana. A hand forged sword that has a royal feel to it. It is perhaps the best sword to have in your collection for display. 

Blue Japanese Tachi Ceremonial Katana Samurai Sword Hand Forged

This sword comes with a wall plaque, hence, you can hang it along the wall in your bedroom or your office. 

It will beautify your houses and offices. Such an elegant and stylish katana samurai sword! 

6. Carbon Steel Miyamoto Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

This is an ultra premium quality sword. A handmade sword with a carbon steel blade. It is one of the swords you would love to carry around your shoulder and express yourself as a real swordsman. 

The sword comes with a sword bag as well as a scabbard allowing you to carry it easily around your shoulder. It is a typical katana sword with a 28 inches long blade and a Zinc alloy Musashi Tsuba. 

7. Dragonblade Carbon Steel Futuristic Cyborg Ninja Katana Sword

This is more like a ninja katana sword. However, there is a slightly curved blade as you expect from a real katana. It has a lovely color scheme featuring black and yellow. 

This katana is actually a Genji Nihon style replica. And it is indeed the best replica sword on the list. It comes with a 27.15 inches carbon steel blade. It is not a sharp blade, so you are welcome to use it for roleplay. 

8. The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Sword

This is a Walking Dead Michonne replica sword. It is yet another fantasy sword, and the modern enthusiasts love this deluxe edition. It is a popular sword among sword enthusiasts of modern days. 

The blade is of high carbon steel and has a length of 27 inches. An authentic black rayskin and white leather is wrapped around the handle. A wall plaque is included in the package so you can display it on your wall. 

9. Full Tang Carbon Steel Dual Fantasy Snake Swords

This is a pair of typical katana swords that come with shoulder holster. Hence, you are able to carry the swords around your shoulder. They have a unique design and are excellent for cosplay and decor purposes. 

Full Tang Carbon Steel Dual Fantasy Snake Swords

The blade is made of high carbon steel. It is a full tang sword, so expect quality and durability. Another magnificent sword on this list. 

10. Hand Forged Carbon Steel Samurai Sword

This is a hand forged samurai sword with a blade made of carbon steel. The sword comes with a scabbard as well as a sword bag. The sword is full tang and battle ready.

Samurai Sword With Musashi Tsuba Functional

This is one of the few swords that are battle ready. The blade is sharp and able to cut anything into pieces. A real sword for badass enthusiasts. 

11. Functional Razor Sharp Samurai Katana Sword 

This is a package that offers a lot. You don’t just get a great katana sword, you also get a stand, and a sword bag. The sword bag comes with fittings, allowing you to adjust it around your shoulder. 

Functional Samurai Katana Razor

There is also a scabbard made of wood. A razor sharp blade, a high carbon steel blade with blood groove and a black cotton wrap handle. 

Your Favorite Katana Sword?

So, this was our list of the best katana swords. Have you made your choice? From our side, these are all exceptional swords and deserve to be in your collection. 

However, we would like to hear from you. Which is your pick of the list? Let us know about your favorite katana swords in the comment section below!