Knives are the bladed weapons that have served humans for a long time. They have been used as warfare weapons and utility tools. You must have seen them in the kitchens where the chef use them for food preparation. You must have seen campers carrying them outdoors. Also, you must have seen people fighting with these knives. 

As of late, knives have become collectibles for some crazy enthusiasts. They love to collect some cool knives that earned a name in the history and are even used in the modern days. 

Today, we have come up with a list of collectible cool knives. If you are looking for some knives to add to your arsenal, we have the coolest ones. Here is a list of 10 cool knives to own for crazy enthusiasts in 2020:

1. Rainbow Knife

A rainbow knife is the most gorgeous collectible knife, and what a wonderful design it has. We are talking about a rainbow design on a knife which is quite rare. This makes it a special knife and more importantly a knife for crazy enthusiasts. It comes in both folding blade and fixed blade versions. 

In any case, it is an everyday carry knife for accomplishing routine cutting work. It is really a cool knife for cool enthusiasts. Having such a unique knife in your collection determines your enthusiasm for the knives. 

2. Military Knife

A military knife, as the name suggests, is a knife designed for military use. Not exclusively by the way! General public is welcome to use this knife. It is a magnificent knife with exceptional power in its blade. The blade has the strength to cut even the harder materials. 

In addition, it has the tactical features attached to it. For instance, it has the pocket clip to easily carry it in the pocket. Sometimes, it comes with features like glass breaker which is used for breaking glass. In emergency situations, it is an ideal knife, and for enthusiasts, yes, it is a masterpiece. 

3. Trench Knife

A trench knife is another masterpiece knife collectible for history lovers. Basically it is a brass knuckle knife that became popular during the First World War when the US soldiers used it to battle their enemies in the trenches. This is why it is known as a trench knife. There is a knuckle duster while a blade is attached to it. 

The US soldiers wanted a knife that comes handy in close quarter combat and this was a perfect knife. It was impossible to disarm since the users could wear it. Why not pay tribute to those US soldiers? How? Get this cool knife in your collection!

4. Stiletto Knife

A stiletto knife is another knife for crazy enthusiasts. You would love to have such a powerful fighting knife in your arsenal, and especially because it has nn Italian background. There is a unique mechanism of this knife as well. The blade is extremely sharp with a point on it, Also, the blade is long and slender. 

There is an ergonomic handle that offers a great grip. The knife was used for warfare and fighting purposes. Today, it comes in a folding version and is known as stiletto switchblade. Also, it is a collectible knife for modern users. 

5. Karambit Knife

A karambit knife hails from the Philippines and is one of the best knives with Asian origin. It has a magnificent style with a curved blade and an ergonomic handle. The Karambit knife is one of the best collectible knives since it represents history. It was used as a self defense knife in the Philippines. 

Also many of them used it for agricultural purposes such as reaping wheat and rice crops. With its curved blade it was quite handy in agricultural work. Today it is  recognized as a slashing knife. Also it is recognized as a must have knife among crazy enthusiasts.

6. Bowie Knife

A bowie knife is another fine collectible knife for keen individuals. This cool knife has an extremely powerful blade. Since there is a history behind it, it attracts people. They love to keep it in their collection to showcase their love for the knife and history. Let us reveal the history behind this great knife. 

It was designed by James Black for a fighter known as Jim Bowie. He fought the sandbar fight and defeated his opponent with this knife. Imagine how powerful this knife is! Why would you be reluctant to get this knife in your arsenal?

7. Lipstick Knife

A lipstick knife is an incredibly popular knife, thanks to its unique design. Women love to own this cool knife. It has a lovely design and is shaped like a real lipstick. This is what urges women to have this knife. Though it looks like a real lipstick, there is no lipstick inside. 

Rather, a sharp blade is concealed inside it. This sharp blade is used for self defense. And yes, it is a hidden blade knife for self defense basically! 

8. Machete Knife

Machete is a popular knife nowadays mainly among the butchers. This knife is easily the largest knife ever constructed and this large size of it makes this knife the one not to be missed. Modern enthusiasts always carry this knife for heavy duty cutting specifically hunting. 

Hunters tend to carry it in order to accomplish that heavy duty cutting work. The giant blade of this knife makes it ideal for skinning, cutting meat and field dressing etc. So there is every reason to have this knife in your arsenal.

9. Camo Knife

Camo knife is one of the cool knives today. Many people confuse it as a military knife and yes it is a military knife because it has that camo design. This design is incredible and awesome. 

You must have this knife in your collection in order to determine your love for the military and pay tribute to these individuals. This is a greatly useful knife and can serve as an EDC tool to do routine cutting work.

10. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knife is a cool knife due to its cool mechanism. There are two handles and one blade featured in this knife. Also known as balisong knife, it has a great fan base all over the world. This is because it is easy to carry and serves as a regular knife. 

All sorts of users love this knife because it is a multipurpose knife that can serve all purposes. Specifically, it is popular among tricksters who love to use this knife for playing tricks and impressing their mates! 

Choose Your Cool Knife Collectible!

So, if you are a real enthusiast, you need to get these knives in your collection. These are all collectible knives, but they offer many uses. Being an enthusiast, your arsenal deserves to have all these historical and advantageous knives. So, explore the list and choose your cool knives. Also, let us know about your picks in the comment section below!