Best self defense knives to carry

Are you struggling to defend yourself against an assailant, but don't know what self defense blade to get? Do you want a knife that's easy to carry in as many places as possible? Then keep reading for our list of the top 10 self defense knives with the best features for self protection. 

Knives are an essential tool for any person who enjoys living outside and doing outdoor activities. For example, camping enthusiasts must be prepared in case they encounter a dangerous animal while hiking through the wilderness. 

This can also include personal protection in case of emergency such as street crime or being attacked at home by an intruder. The right type of knife can provide great utility and peace of mind when needed.

1. Pocket Knives

For those unfamiliar with the term, pocket knives are small, folding knives that have a blade at one end and a tool at the other. As a rule, they offer more utility and are easier to use than fixed blades. These knives come in hundreds of styles and varieties.

Pocket knives are inarguably one of the most underrated and underused self-defense tools. A pocket knife can be a potent weapon to have at your disposal when faced with a potentially dangerous situation. 

However, there are plenty of myths about cool pocket knives that deter people from equipping themselves with one of these little gems. In a world where seemingly everything you do has the potential to become more complicated, it’s nice knowing you can still keep things simple every once-in-a-while.

Pocket knife

2. Butterfly Knife

The unique features of butterfly knives make them popular among knife collectors. Their designs resemble butterfly wings. By integrating one pivot point into each of the knife's handles, they can both open outward and close together. 
A user can change grips on the blade easily, allowing it to be used for multiple maneuvers like flipping between fingers or catching and pushing an edge of a table on its back.
These self-defense knives fit easily in any pocket or handbag and are small enough to fit in any pocket or purse. Stainless steel, which makes these knives strong and rigid, is most often used to manufacture this type of knife. 
When closed, the blade provides proper protection for the owner's hand, while also being sharp enough to stab enemies if necessary. Depending on its design and size, butterfly knives can be held in one or two hands.

3. Brass Knuckle Knife

A brass knuckle knife is carried by many people for various reasons. They can also be used to defend oneself in some cases. Brass or steel strips on knives often lead to a knuckle blade that remains a short leather guard and has a brass or steel strip along the handle. Designed as a guard against slashing and thrusting attacks, this guard protects the hand.

Knives made of brass knuckles are often used in combat, but they can also be used for self-defense. Brass knuckle knives are most commonly used to inflict severe wounds on opponents that are enough to render them psychotic or even dead. As a result, this tool cannot be used in hand-to-hand combat alone, but must be used along with other weapons.

4. Belt Buckle Knife

Knives with belt buckle sheaths are self-defense knives that fold into a sheath that doubles as a belt buckle in case they are needed. Thus, if you want to carry that knife with you, you are less likely to be discovered by security. Knives attached to belt buckles can be used in various ways, including self-defense and utility.

When folded in half, this knife measures about one inch in length and fits easily into your waistband or pocket. A blade that is less than two inches long can be closed and open without being seen. Several different styles of sheaths are available, and they can be customized.
Getting your own self-defense kit is a great way to take charge of your security. It is developed as a response to the trend of people concealing weapons under their clothing more and more. Unlike ordinary belt buckles, it can be hidden under your shirt until needed and worn like an ordinary belt buckle.

5. Push Dagger

An attacker uses push daggers to stabbing or slash his or her adversary with long, thin knives with heavy blades. As a result of their portability, they also serve as side arms in duel situations. When no heavy weapons or bucklers are available, these would be the most likely tools to use. 
These Knives, on the other hand, are the most effective self-defense tools. In terms of its main advantage, this type of knife is lightweight, so it can be carried and used easily for self-defense. Further, push daggers are difficult to control while striking due to their good balance for throwing.

6. Fixed Blade Knives

In general, fixed blade knives are characterized by their large size, the presence of a fixed or folding guard, and having one or two cutting edges. Since this knife is adaptable, reliable, and versatile, it has never gone out of style.

Fixed blade knife

Hunting, wood cutting, carving flesh, hiking and traveling, fishing, outdoor cooking, self-defense and more can be done with these cool knives. As well as being used in military combat, these types of knives were sometimes referred to as bayonets.

Fixed blade knives are preferred by most people as self defense knives, even though some folding knives can also be used for it. In addition to being stronger, more reliable, easier to clean and maintain, these types of knives typically last longer. Due to its common use with leather sheaths, this knife may also be called a "sheath knife".

7. Spring Assisted Knives

Several reasons account for the popularity of the spring assisted folding knives today. Having these options allows users to quickly achieve what they desire without having to deal with any issues, which is very convenient.

Thus, you can utilize your knife in a safe and efficient manner without having to worry about safety. But you need to take into account some factors when buying one, such as which knife is best for self-defense.

Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to store and carry. A good folding pocket knife for self-defense should be easy to carry and easy to access so you never worry about losing them, but should also be strong enough to perform the various tasks they were designed to do.

8. Karambit Knife

During the 16th century, karambit were self defense knives that were popular in the Americas, and Native Americans used them for self-defense. Their user-friendliness and convenience made them popular. It's always easy to defend yourself with the karambit since its grip fits perfectly.
Africa, Asia, and Germany all used these knives until the late 19th century. During the French conquest of Algeria between 1830 and 1847, the legionnaires used them in combat. They were used by Egyptians during the war between Britain and Egypt between 1882 and 1883, primarily due to their superior maneuverability.
Due to its close quarter nature, many people find the karambit pocket knife to be a useful weapon for personal protection. In tight spaces or if you are unable to use a longer handle weapon, it is an effective self-defense tool. 
In addition, if necessary, the blade can be hidden under clothing or worn with a cover garment, and it can easily be attached to a sheath.

9. Kunai Knife

The kunai is a Japanese tool used for masonry work. It is similar to the trowel. As a result of the Naruto cartoon, the kunai knife became popular. Naruto is generally regarded as the historical hero of ninjas.

The ninjas dug holes in the walls using kunai knives. In martial arts, a kunai is usually used as a basic weapon, but in reality, it is an extremely versatile tool. Among its other functions, it can be used for digging and climbing. In addition to this, these knives are excellent flyers, stabbers, and thrusters as well as self-defense knives. 

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10. Lipstick Knife

If used properly, a lipstick knife can provide plenty of self-defense benefits. They are small and easy to conceal, so they are a great alternative to pepper spray and stun guns for those looking for something smaller, yet still quite effective. 

Lipstick knife

In case your main defense is in the other purse when you need it, this can also be used as an improvised impact weapon. One of the best things about using these self defense knives is that they deliver pain and deliver deep cuts without drawing blood. They are free of moving parts and sensitive components.

Carry Your Self Defense Knife!

Self defense isn't simply limited to punching and kicking, there are many other ways to keep yourself safe. One of which is to have the right self defense weapons on hand when you're in need of it. 

These tools can range from self defense knives, pepper spray, keychain, or taser. Regardless of what type of self defense tool you choose however, make sure that it fits your personality and lifestyle before purchasing one. Also, these tools should be easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. 

There are many factors that you must take into consideration when purchasing a self defense knife. Safety is the most important factor to consider. A safety test should be conducted prior to purchasing any self defense tool. This will prevent any harm from coming to you or anyone else if something should go wrong with the product.