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When counting the most enjoyable activities in 2020, we can’t ignore airsoft. It is now a fact that people love outdoor activities. They’re sick of smartphones and video games, and want something exciting to do outdoors. 

Hunting is another enjoyable activity but that does not excite people more than airsoft. Every weekend, you would see people heading towards the fields with their airsoft guns, airsoft revolvers and pistols. This determines the popularity of this newly discovered sport. 

Yes, airsoft has now become a real sporting activity. It is extremely exciting, thrilling and enjoyable. It involves the use of airsoft guns and players equipped with these guns would shoot each other in an attempt to eliminate each other. 

Airsoft guns are replica guns and consist of airsoft pistols, airsoft revolvers, airsoft rifles, airsoft shotguns, and airsoft sniper rifles. These replicate original firearms, but don’t shoot real bullets even though the firing mechanism is quite realistic. 

Airsoft guns are the safest guns since they don’t fire real bullets. However, they provide a realistic shooting experience. The ultimate purpose of these guns is to play airsoft games. 

Are you an airsofter looking for some airsoft guns? One thing airsofters often struggle with is finding the right guns for them to play airsoft games. They often end up getting a poor quality gun, and that too at unbelievably high price. 

Before you explore the online market, you must do some research to figure out the prices for the guns you are searching for. Some research is essential in order to get an idea about the right prices. 

An expert tip is to purchase airsoft guns from wholesale stores. Wholesale stores may urge you to buy more guns, but you have to pay lower prices for these guns. In addition, you must have more than one gun in your collection in order to play all sorts of airsoft games. 

Since you’re here to get some cheap airsoft guns, and we would save you from research. We have done our research to bring the cheapest airsoft guns, rifles, revolvers, shotguns and sniper rifles for the airsofters. And not just the cheapest; these are the best guns for airsoft games as well. Here are our top picks:

1. G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver

This is a fantastic airsoft revolver for expert airsofters. It is quite easy to use, durable and very good for playing airsoft games. 

G36B Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver

In fact, it is the best pistol for playing more tactical games. Also, it is ideal for playing games like Close Quarters Combat. It allows six shots in a single process. However, these six shots are enough for an expert airsofter to hit his target. It is easily one of the best airsoft revolvers, and also one of the best guns to enjoy realistic shooting. 

It is made of polymer material and gives a very real appearance. The ergonomic style of the revolver gives you a comfortable and strong grip on it. It has a realistic cylinder and shells. Also, embedded sights to pinpoint targets.The muzzle velocity is around 150 feet per second. Overall, a handy airsoft revolver!

2. P2777 Model Semi-Auto Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This airsoft sniper rifle is one of the cheapest airsoft rifles, and also one of the best. 

P2777 Model Semi-Auto Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This P2777 model gives a quite realistic feel and shooting with it seems almost real. Since it is a sniper rifle, expect a higher muzzle velocity i-e more than 220 feet per second. 

The magazine capacity is 15 round while the upper rail is standard 20mm. It comes with a detachable bipod and provides more stability. Mock scope and laser are the top features of this sniper rifle. There is a detachable polymer barrel while the overall construction is plastic. 

3. Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 Gun MK13 MOD L96A1 w/ Scope

Another cheap airsoft gun for the airsofters on a budget. The replica sniper rifle comes with several splendid features. 

Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 Gun MK13 MOD L96A1

Real scale is the top feature among them. There is a long barrel and barrel extension as well. Also, there is a realistic detachable magazine with a capacity of 26 rounds. 

Other important features of this sniper rifle include the scope with a built in laser facility. There is a folding bipod with a beautiful arctic camo scheme. Overall, a fantastic looking rifle. The muzzle velocity is quite impressive as well i-e 300 feet per second. This is an incredible speed. 

4. P2668 Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is another highly featured airsoft sniper rifle available at such a low price. 

P2668 Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is a spring powered rifle, and there is no need for batteries or gas in order to operate it. It comes with a nice detachable magazine as well with a good capacity. With 39 inches length, it looks as a real P2668 model sniper rifle. 

It offers a very good muzzle velocity of around 250 feet per second. This is such an incredible muzzle velocity for a replica rifle. In addition, there are some wonderful features such as a bipod, a mock scope. It is constructed with plastic and is durable too. 

5. P2004B Spring Powered Skeletonized Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft pistols and airsoft revolvers are not preferred too often for airsoft games, but these are certainly better since they are easier to handle and provide more accuracy in shooting. 

This pistol is one of the finest ones for playing airsoft games. There are many stunning features to count. To start with, the red laser, the one that provides accuracy while aiming and this is key in airsoft. The skeletonized design makes it a badass pistol to use in airsoft. Moreover, it offers ergonomic grip for better handling and can shoot at a good muzzle velocity. 

6. Airsoft Spring M1911 Pistol with Mock Extension

This M1911 model airsoft pistol is also a cheap option considering the features it offers. First of all, it comes with a mock extension that provides excellent accuracy. 

Airsoft Spring M1911 Pistol with Mock Extension

Accuracy is the most significant factor in airsoft games, and this mock extension will win you games. Also, it offers laser sight to further ease the aiming for you. Though the speed is not as great as a rifle offers. However, still, 165 feet per second is a decent muzzle velocity. At an economical p[rice, it is an ideal pistol for budgeted airsofters. Also, a great pistol for beginners. 

7. 400 FPS M58A Airsoft Tactical Shotgun M500

This airsoft shotgun provides a fantastic shooting experience. Shooting seems pretty real with this shotgun. It is a perfect option for airsofters who love shooting as well as airsoft gaming. 

400 FPS M58A Airsoft Tactical Shotgun M500

It looks like a real pump action and with an overall length of 36 inches, it appears as if it is actually real. The most impressive thing about this shotgun is its muzzle velocity. It can shoot at a magnificent velocity of 430 feet per second. This is a velocity that even some sniper rifles don’t offer. Other features of this shotgun include rear stock, adjustable hop up and detachable magazine. 

8. P2215 M4 Quad Monolithic RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle

This spring airsoft rifle is quite durable and very reliable since it features a spring mechanism rather than gas or batteries. 

P2215 M4 Quad Monolithic RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle

This rifle offers a muzzle velocity of 200 feet per second; however, it is one of the cheapest airsoft rifles. It provides several exciting features as well. It comes with a quad monolithic 20mm picatinny rail which allows you to attach as many accessories as you want. You can attach tactical accessories with it. It has a LE stock that can be connected or disconnected with it. The textures grip is also an impressive feature of this rifle. 

9. Mini Steyr Aug FPS-250 Spring Airsoft Assault Rifle

This is a very unique airsoft gun. It looks different from airsoft revolvers, pistols and shotguns because it is actually an assault rifle. 

Mini Steyr Aug FPS-250 Spring Airsoft Assault Rifle

The design of this rifle is quite unique but beautiful. It has a decent muzzle velocity of 250 feet per second. It comes with many considerable features too. 

There is a tactical rail system on the rifle and this allows you to attach your tactical accessories with the rifle. Though flashlight, laser or scope does not come with the package, but if you have them, you can easily attach them to your rifle. It has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. 

10. Double Eagle Thompson M1A1 FPS-300 Spring Airsoft Rifle

This is another unique and beautiful airsoft gun with a lovely design. This replica rifle can shoot at a good muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second. 

M1A1 FPS-300 Spring Airsoft Rifle

It is spring powered and one of the cheapest rifles around. It is cost effective too as it is durable and lasts longer than expected. Ideal for airsofters on a budget!It is made of plastic and has a faux grip accent. This gives a great control on the gun when playing the airsoft games. There is a massive magazine capacity of 100 rounds which is quite impressive. 

Pick Your Airsoft Gun & Enjoy Airsoft

So, these are the cheapest airsoft rifles, airsoft revolvers, airsoft shotguns and sniper rifles in 2020. Pick your gun and head towards the field and enjoy airsoft games like never before. 

Being an airsofter, you should have more than one gun in your arsenal so that you can play all sorts of games. So, choose your guns and enjoy playing all airsoft games!

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